Web Design

Web design is much more than pictures and copy on the Internet. Too many websites are information based only, and do little selling to the end user or potential customer. At Barnes & Co, we focus on creating powerful, cutting edge websites that move beyond information. All of our sites are custom built and automatically work on all platforms, phones, pads and PCs. Our in-house photographers capture strong images, which when combined with market focused copy, to create websites that generate results. Many of the sites we design also include testimonial videos from customers who enjoy your products and services. This marketing tool is one of the strongest ways to build credibility, making it easier for a new customer to do business with you. A testimonial driven video will set you apart from the competition. Today people would rather watch a video than read anything. A strong testimonial video hooks the potential customer who will then read the rest of your website. Having a powerful website can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Use your website as a selling tool not just information about your business.